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Status and Legitimacy

The Theethicalweb.com website

The Ethical Web is an analysis and resources website, designed by professionals for professionals of the digital economy. This website is, at the same time, a platform of usefull resources and exchanges, instrument of analysis, drafting and framework allowing the peaceful development of three different ethical labels.

This website must offer all the necessary tools conditioning the peaceful elaboration of the ethical charter which constitutes its epicenter... This is why the debate must be conducted in a responsible and conditioned manner.

We must lead by example!

Our moderators will not tolerate aggression, intimidation, threats, insults and will reserve the right to eliminate empty, unfounded or unsubstantiated interventions linked to the discussed subjects.

As professionals in the areafield and given the current evolution of Cyberspace, we have the absolute and imperative right, the civic duty to determine a binding and crystalline framework, guaranteeing transparent and indisputable relationships between us, users and customers, service providers and partners.

Short term...

In a near future, an organization will be incorporated whose legal status remains to be defined within the framework of the charter developed on this website. Inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10, 1948 (UN), this present website will act as the receptacle, the guardian and the vector of thie charter development, to which all the voluntary members of the organization... will have to comply.

We want it to be international, clear, to involve citizens, to remain universalist and visionary.

Independently of the execution's framework that this charter imposes, this website has also the purpose of educating the public, introducing them to the Cyberspace true reality , all the common to all players issues, what the ravages of all is free entail, and the life course of users' personal data.

In this sense, we would like to point out from the outset that within Piccini da Todi Graphic and Development Studio / Art and Earth Networks and Technology, no data from our customers , partners and service providers has never been sold to any third party, by us or by one of our collaborators for more than 24 years.

Besides, we have never adhered to this practice. But this positioning on our part only implies our legal structure and must in no way influence the charter drawn up on this website.

In other words, the choice must be left to the members according to the future chosen label... but in total clarity, understandable and indisputable, both in terms of substance and not only on the form.

Page updated on January 13, 2022

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