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The Charter

The challenge

It is a question of supervising in the eyes of all, in an indisputable and immediately verifiable way by any layman, the effective online production of all the members of the organization. Provision of services, development of applications and software, multimedia creations and virtual universes intended for the public ... the establishment of a label, would thus follow the official presentation of the Charter in order to make this production ethical , inspiring and honest.

Because it is around this production and its life cycle that relationships with the user, the customer, service providers and partners are forged well beyond the simple contract and its specifications.

The actors of this factual relation must understand the fundamental importance of this moral contract in time and in its very essence. Just like eco-responsible consumption (this subject is, moreover, one of the main pillars of the Charter), all members must agree to submit to moral behavior that severely limits or eliminates, by way of example, the dissemination of ultra-violence, the dissemination of false information or the authorization of attitudes leading to discriminatory actions that are deliberately injurious or dangerous to the privacy or physical integrity of the person, or even of an institution.

In short, protect as much as possible the user, the public but also the authors of all this algorithmic, graphic, multimedia and editorial bubbling, in what unfortunately now looks like a digital jungle.

A Quality Label

The final objective is the establishment of a label having moral force and in full compliance with the national and international legislation in use, duly recalled and mentioned in the appendices and preamble of the Charter.

Non-compliance with this charter would de facto result in the exclusion of the member and the legal and binding obligation under penalty of prosecution of the disappearance of the label presented on the production media, and the deleting of the mention of the said label in legal and commercial publications.


What we need to determine:

- The global method of elaboration.
- The feedbacks management.
- The main lines of the Charter.
- The founding texts.
- The collection of significant testimonies.
- The increased and systematic verification of various contributions and editorial sources.
- The official presentation to a specialized panel of legal professionals.
- The beta-testing by a sample of users at large.
- The final compliance with the laws in use in every true democracies.
- The establishment of a specific blacklist.


April 8, 2021

Official launch (initially planned for 2020 but delayed due to the Covi19 pandemic).

Beginning of the debates ...

June 2021

Development of the charter.

September 2021

Official presentation of the charter, the label and creation of the organization to oversee it.

Editing begins February 08, 2021. 
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