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Piccini da Todi Graphic Studio / Art and Earth Networks and Technology is an I.T. company created in Montreal (Qc, Canada) in 2008, and now based in Nice (France) since September 2020. It has been founded by Diego Piccini (da Todi) and it cumulates more than 24 years of experience in the fields of Web development, programming, multimedia, and editorial content creation/management.

This latest extension of a first legal structure launched on the French Riviera in 1996 (Twin Dimensions), then in Paris (Phacochères Productions), acts like a Web's "laboratory", a resources convergence hot spot, and therefore offers now to the public and all I.T. professionals... the Ethical Web.COM.

The Purpose of all This

Initially, the principle of this Website was rather simple ; apply a rigorous and "measurable" ethics at all times, both in the development methodologies, the final product delivery, and the establishment of a framework for sustainable development, in compliance with the fundamental user rights, international laws and standards currently established in most of today's modern democracies.

Going deeper into the subject was indeed a gigantic issue emerging and evolving very quickly. Ultimately, it was impossible then to flee from this new, social, technical, and professional configuration.

These questions quickly arousing, were of such gravity, that they could not remain unanswered. The Ethical Web tries to simply encompass and analyse all the sensitive issues due to the current hyper-virtualization of our lives, the A.I.'s lack of both ways understandings. Ultimately, the genesis of this new ethics should be able to structure once for all in the greatest transparency, relationships between Cyberspace professionals (digital economy) and citizens / users / customers.

Keeping our Mind Sharp

In addition, this Website allows us to stay intellectually alert. It gives us the opportunity to react at our humble level against the potential systemic collapse of the free Web. Because if the Internet, as well as the A.I., continue to cause more and more mistrust and even deep fears, we take the risk to witness a massive disaffection of the users.

The Ethical Web is an open space dedicated to intelligent debates, rigorous reflection, and the gradual and cautious elaboration of this ethical charter. We just hope that this open space will push us all, to frequently step back from this technological hurricane, in order to better understand it and obviously to protect ourselves from it.

A the end...

Once the heart of the charter has been finalized, it is indeed the creation of a transnational professional legal organization which will succeed this milestone, to better promote and constantly optimize The Ethical Web .COM.

Editing begins February 08, 2021. 
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